Drifting off …

At work  it is hard to  concentrate  cause  my mind is drifting of and longing to hear Her voice. A voice so smooth, soft and a little demanding to. Please don’t understand me wrong, it gives suggestions to follow and I think it is good to follow Her suggestions. In fact it is easy to follow and there is no need to think.  I look forward to sit and take the deep breaths for Her and it makes me relax. Real deep relaxation and Lady Traum tells about my mind and body.

So good, just relaxes me, She and Her voice ask me to relax and deeper and deeper … my co-worker brings me to reality and asks me a question again. I feel a little embarrassed for daydreaming what will happen this evening when i’m home.
I pull myself together but Lady Traum Her smooth voice echoes in my mind as I hear what my co-worker asks me. Alice want some statistic information and as soon as possible she ask me in a bitchy way. Just from university and telling me what to do what is right. There is only one person in the world who can and that’s not Alice. I start with my work and find the statistic information easily. The university was not able to get them and so easy to find. Never her mind and body and not in control. Some get in my mind as I realize my mind is in use and that’s why I find the information easy.
When its lunchtime I go down with the stairs it feels good and when i’m down it feel comfortable. A voice is echo in my mind but don’t know what is told but I feel warm inside so it’s good. I talk with others during lunch and look at the time about 6 hours before I start to study. The afternoon is passing slowly and I see the hours crawling further and further.  Finally I leave as I go down by the stairs again and going down more and more. When i’m driving home I put on the AC so I can concentrate at the road very well. Stopping by at the supermarket and buy me food for to fix at home.
Finally home and kick of my heels. Make myself comfortable with a cup of tea and watching the news. As I watch and breath slowly I fall asleep soon. A little powernap and then I prepare myself some food. With dinner I drink some water and after the dishes I go showering. Put on some easy clothes and getting my iPod. I sit in the chair and start to study, feel relaxed and slowly fade away. Not sure what happened but I have a refreshed feel as Lady Traum is telling it is good to listen the file again and again. With a good feel I check on the internet. It was good to hear Her soft smooth voice again. Well if Her voice ever leaves my mind. I don’t think so Her voice echoing daily in my mind or Her mind well it is there.

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